Stuff We Do

What can we offers to you. Here is our fields of development.

Front End Development

Website development, develop with html5, css, and javascript.

Back End Development

System development like CRM, CMS, and many more.

iOS App Development

iOS application development.

Android App Development

Android application development.

Business Intelligence

Business analytic, make your business more powerfull.

Artificial Intelligence

With AI, we create a smart system.

A Little About Us

Company overview and the team of Developer.

This Company started in 2017. Started with 4 team members, this company run till now. This company have done many projects out there, from small to enterprise level. The vision of this company is to create something that help people to make this life simple with new and modern technology. To accomplish that vision, we have to build a great team from internal of this company, we try to learn something new everyday, we create an idea and work with that idea.

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Raya Mulyosari 90/PC-19, Surabaya 60112, Jawa Timur, Indonesia
+62 821 3838 9192
[email protected]

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